When scheduling your trip to Trancoso you need to ask yourself what you want to find. If it is hectic, a lot of people, it is good to go during Carnival and New Year’s Eve; whether beaches with less people, go in the off season.

The truth is that, like Porto Seguro, Trancoso welcomes tourists all year long. Summer (December to March) is the best time to experience the city in full swing, since everything is working, shops and restaurants.

We indicate the trip in the summer, not only to see how the city is happy, but also to be able to enjoy all that it can offer.

The average annual temperature is around 25 ° C, but reaches maximum 40 ° C in summer. On the winter, which is also the most frequent time of rain, the average falls to 21 ° C.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist