Trancoso is nowadays one of the most sought beach destinations in Brazil. It is recognized for its amazing beaches, the charming village and a very rich culture. Trancoso is located in the south of Bahia, with easy access via Porto Seguro Airport, and at about 800 kilometers from Salvador.

Trancoso has lovely views and breathtaking scenery, it is a village which offers at the same time five-star accommodations with impeccable cuisine, and keeps it simple with a rustic charm.
Trancoso, is the right claimed palce for a romantic evening. Also ideal for friends and families, Trancoso offers a wide variety of restaurants of all kinds.

The climate in Trancoso could not be better, there is sun almost all year long which attracts many tourists from all over Brazil and the world.

It resemble a large desert, it rains there, 300 times more than in the African Sahara. Are these waters, trapped between the dunes, form true tropical oasis.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist