What to consider before traveling?

Salvador is warm most of the year, so take light clothing for your trip and get all those precautions that are recommended in the summer, like drinking water and put sunscreen.

Want to shake? Go to Salvador on New Year’s Eve or Carnival. If it’s not your thing, escape the city in these days of celebration to north littoral, Chapada Diamantina, Morro de São Paulo…

Be careful when walking alone in Salvador. Many people get through these places offering “gifts”. Is not present, do not fall for it!

If you want to know a place that is far from where you are staying, set to leave in advance. In times of rush times, the traffic can be quite chaotic in the city.

When it’s a neighborhood on which you do not have a lot of information, avoid walking with expensive belongings.

Salvador has several branches from the main banks. Have numerous ATMs throughout the city.

Use comfortable shoes the day you want to know the old city center Pelourinho.

Friday is a day of Bahian food in restaurants. Be sure to book one day to know this so special cuisine.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist