What to consider before traveling?

Point to be aware in Rio is robs. Despite being visibly improving, it is very important to always be careful with your belongings. Avoid walking with valuables. Leave your passport at your hotel when hidden and take only your national ID on the street. Passport is essential to get back home.

Another important fact to know is that the yellow cabs are those with best price. Blue taxis, despite being minority, are special and charge higher fixed prices. In Rio, the yellow cabs are a good choice of cost-effective. Still on this subject, warning: avoid pirate taxi! It is not safe and many people have suffered such blows. It is safer to look for taxis with new cars and which belong to taxi associations.

When you make an appointment, set up time in advanced. Rio is a big city with an intense traffic and often the places are slow to arrive, especially if there is congestion.

Rio summer is very hot. Remember to wear light clothing and always bring and put sunscreen, even for a small walk (%) at least). Better to slightly tanned than to be over burnt.

Metro is fine and fast. Take the metro to the closest station near your destination point and take a taxi. You will find all necessary information about the metro HERE

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist