For most of the year is sunny in Bahia and the cool clothes are not widely used there. In summer, the average temperature reaches 28 ° C, in winter 24 ° C. The time of year when it rains more runs from April to July. This is quite the only period to avoid to make sure to not get heavy rain.

Those who want the hustle and the scorching sun of Praia do Forte should seek to know the palce in summer. For those who prefer a quieter environment and less tumultuous, the most appropriate is to avoid the high season (December to the end of Carnival, July and August).

The New Year’s Eve is another time when it welcomes many tourists. The turn of the year in Praia do Forte is the most popular among the beach town in northeastern Brazil. The festivities take place at various points of the edge, but the highlight is the fireworks and the turn of the year on the beach dressed with white clothes. Do not forget to jump 7 waves and make your wishes.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist