To the delight of travelers, the typical heat of the Brazilian Northeast is present all year in Porto de Galinhas and so the place is never completely empty. The weather, however, suffers variations over the seasons and has a rainy winter. The average annual temperature in this region is 26ºC, ensuring that sea water is warm all year round, always nice for a swim.

Summer in Porto de Galinhas is synonymous with high season, high prices, crowded inns, beaches full and very (very) hot! Summer is the driest period, with temperatures easily pass 30 ° C. In winter, rainy, with more attractive prices and less crowded beaches, the temperature does not drop abruptly and is around 24ºC.

From a climate point of view, avoid traveling between April and August, because of the rains – but remember that the weather is fickle and even during a trip in that period, good sunny days can happen.

Between the second half of December and Carnival, Porto de Galinhas is fiercely competitive and receives its larger audience, resulting in exorbitant prices in hostels and hotels. To escape the high prices without the risk of traveling in the rainy season, we recommend traveling in March (after Carnival) in September, October and November.

Natural pools:

Whatever the time of year you choose to travel, it is of great importance to be attached to the board tides and monitor the best days for the natural pools formation.

They form during low tide – a fact that takes place twice a day. The phases of the moon directly influence the tides; therefore, not all moons are cool to find low tides. In the weeks of full moon and new moon, the oscillation between the highest point and the lowest tide is higher (close to 0.0 / 0.1 and 2.5), so the tides are shallower and more flooding during this period and are the best weeks for a trip.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist