What to consider before traveling?

 Pay by credit or debit card is not a problem for those visiting Porto de Galinhas, as many establishments accept cards.

 The village of Porto de Galinhas has ATMs of several banks and the 24h cash machine.

 Give preference to tours with buggy drivers and taxi drivers that we will suggest you. Making ride with whom you already have indication, good service is more guaranteed.

 If traveling during the rainy season, expect to find mud puddles on the streets.

 Do not forget to pack the sunscreen and a hat or cap. The sun of Porto de Galinhas is very strong, so be careful with burns.

Understanding Tide Table

When planning a trip for the Brazilian Northeast, it is important to keep an eye on Tide Table. The board can be seen in the Navy or surfing  sites.

The natural pools of Porto de Galinhas and other destinations are formed when the tide is low, a fact that happens twice a day. You must know that the phases of the moon directly influence the tides; therefore, not all moons are good to find low tide. Note that, in the weeks of full moon and new moon, the oscillation between the highest and the lowest tide is higher (close to 0.0 / 0.1 and 2.5), so the tides are shallower and more flooded in that period; so are the best weeks for a trip.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist