The central location of Brasilia facilitates the access of tourists to the capital. The international airport and the interstate highway connects all regions of Brazil. If by car, the main access roads are the BRs 040, 060, 020 and 070. If you are just passing through – between one region and another – be sure to make a stop in the city. Arriving in Brasilia is easy. There are many routes of options for visitors from all over the country. And, as it is located right in the center, prices can be more inviting than go through all the national territory.

Have you decided that Brasilia is your next destination? Check out these tips for getting around.

By plane

15km far from the center, the Brasilia International Airport is the only one in town. It is a beautiful brand new airport with all amenities of the best airport of the world. Even the national airport has the standing of an international one.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist