The “best time” to go to Bonito is somewhat relative; after all, it depends on the taste of each one. The two main features of the local climate are dry and rainy seasons, which reflect different weather conditions. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each, take stock and then make up your mind about which time is preferable to travel.

The rainy season, between December and March, coinciding with the summer, when intense heat and temperatures at around 35 ° C. During this period the waterfalls are fuller; the forest, more greener – but there are fewer fish in the rivers because of the spawning season. You need to know that with the rains, tours can be cleared and river water is blurred.
From mid-December to early February the sun shines in Blue Lake Cave (Gruta do Lago Azul), making the lake view even more exuberant.

Like other tourist destinations, months of vacation and holidays in hotels require reservations made in advance. If you want to travel during Carnival, be sure to schedule, as the city is packed! Another tip is to pay attention to the accommodation, because they are offered many educational and professional events in Bonito, which ends up moving the hospitality industry throughout the year.

For those who enjoy music, the Winter Festival, which takes place in late July, is a great opportunity to be in town.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist