There are two different “seasons” in Manaus: dry and wet. Traveling in the dry or rainy seasons provides completely different experiences, so it is so important to choose the date of travel. It is recommended also that you visit the Amazon in the two seasons, so you can see live the impressive change in river levels. (Depending of the location, some lodge will be closed for few weeks i the dry season).

Get ready for high temperatures in any season, especially in September, the terror of locals when the temperature passes 40ºC. The average annual temperature is around 27ºC, but the humidity and sultry weather, make the thermal sensation higher.

Heat and humidity are present all year; during the dry season, from June to November, it rains less. The dry season (winter) is when the rivers has the lower water level and form the river beaches. The rainy season (summer) is from December to May and reflects on the level of the rivers, causing it to be very full  and forming the flooding forest. The level reached vary about 15 meters between flood and drought, so the construction are adapted to changes – very interesting to watch and experience indeed.

What to expect of the region?

Brazil Trip Specialist

Brazil Trip Specialist